4 Awesome Part Time Travel Jobs

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Are you a student who wants a part time job that involves travel and fun? Do you want to try a part time travel job where you can earn money in your spare time?

Many travel jobs allow you to work part time and on your own schedule. If you are savvy and resourceful enough, you can harness the skills you have to get you some money while traveling. Freelancing is a great way to earn extra money and depending on what you have to offer, it is likely that you can perform online tasks from anywhere in the world and you can even be contracted to move for a job.
Some part time travel jobs are being offered by companies. Most part time jobs are seasonal jobs which may not be needed year round. Some jobs may rely on the season and may only be available for a few months at a time and most of these jobs cater to the demands of the time.
Here are a few jobs and freelance tasks that you might want to consider:
Sales Consultants or Sales Representative
Companies that want to expand their domain and market need to hire a traveling sales representative. Business need to expand it’s essential and inevitable for any business that wants to flourish. You can become a travel sales consultant or representative for a company that wants to expand internationally.
You will be responsible for selling, processing and administrating reservations for both direct and trade customers. The main role is to drive sales and provide high levels of customer service. Immediate sales may not necessarily be vital but you have to create and follow up leads for future profitable transactions.
Do you have an expertise in something? Swimming? Music? Dance? Or skiing perhaps? Well, whatever it is, you can market your abilities and provide consulting and instruction services. This is a freelancing endeavor and you can tailor your schedule and efforts to your convenience.
You will negotiate everything; the schedule, fee, and location. The profitability relies on your marketing and clients.

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  1. Comment made by hasan on Jul 21st 2011 at 4:36 pm:

    I want to working anything at this point…

  2. Comment made by faith on Aug 3rd 2011 at 7:32 am:

    i have never done sales but i have helped out in an orphanage home for kids and i am diligent and willing to learn if given the opportunity i am resorcefull able to work with my hands and i am a good listerner.

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