Are You the Next Tiger Woods? Look Into a Pro Golf Career

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Mention that you’re looking at a pro golf career, and most people would assume that you fancied yourself in line to become the next Tiger Woods. What many people don’t know is that golf, a $76 billion worldwide industry, offers a vast range of job opportunities covering, at last PGA count, more than 2 million jobs. For those who have a formal education in golf, the potential for a professional career can open many opportunities.

There are more than 18,000 golf courses spread out across the country, and thousands of other businesses that are affiliated with the noble sport. These include manufacturers of equipment, training centers, coaches, event management companies that organize tournaments, retailers, including repairs of equipment. Add to these the huge number of opportunities in hotels and resorts that frequently partner with reputed tournament organizers, and you begin to see the endless opportunity for individuals who have a sound education in the sport.

Here’s just a run down of just some of the ways you can carve out a career for yourself.

Golf professionals are the most visible individuals in the sport. If you have a love for it that extends beyond following a player on the green, and cheering every time he makes the perfect shot, this could be the career for you. The road to becoming a professional player is long and tedious with most sportsmen beginning as assistants and working their way to the top of the game. It goes without saying that a love for the game must be combined with a high magnitude of skill.

Even experienced professionals at the top know that the game isn’t just about caddies and golf carts, but is a business that is run as such. There would be no golf without the well oiled machinery of marketing professionals working furiously behind the scenes to attract customers to the resorts. A basic college education in marketing, and experience organizing high profile events could have you moving into the field of promotion of tournaments.

The game offers plenty of opportunity for a professional job for those with an eye for designing the perfect engineering plan. Golf courses are almost celebrities in their own right, with the most beautifully designed greens attracting the most prestigious tournaments.

There is a reason why those endless expanses of green look the way they do. There is an entire grounds maintenance crew headed by a superintendent, which is responsible for maintaining the landscaping. There is an especially huge demand for people who are trained in eco friendly methods of landscape maintenance.

Like every good business, successful golf resorts are always in need of professional managers to look over operations.

Event management professionals who have an eye for planning corporate events, and marketing gurus who are looking for ways to brand their companies are also hugely in demand in the industry.

Because of the unique nuances of the industry, individuals with a strong education in the sport who not only get the sport, but are also familiar with the various kinds of facilities and other aspects of the business, are much in demand. Persons with an education in the field will find their skills and expertise to be highly in demand in tournament planning companies, travel companies, equipment companies, publishers of literature, golf associations, and a host of other companies that require people who not only have a passion for the game, but also the education to round off that passion.

A professional golf education can familiarize a novice with the various aspects of the sport, and give a more experienced player the business knowledge that he needs to round out his skills. In the past, pro golf careers did not demand a specific education, but these days, with cut throat competition in the field, golf related businesses are beginning to depend on individuals who come to the job with no need for additional training. It only makes sense right?

You don’t have to have a zero handicap to make a pro golf career for yourself, but you can augment your working knowledge of golf with professional education to create a career in the field that is lucrative and satisfying.

Andy West is a writer for Golf Academy of America, a great learning center for those interested in a pro golf career that can be rewarding and successful. For more information please visit


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