Escaping the Cubicle For Beach Resort Jobs and Far Flung Hospitality Careers

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Have you ever taken a vacation to a warm location and thought how wonderful it would be if you could stay there forever? There is a way that you can keep that holiday feeling for a season or all year round, you know: Get a job at a beach resort!

You may be thinking that working in the hospitality industry, for a resort or spa, means that you will have to travel to a tropical destination to get a job. You certainly can look at finding work in Florida, California, or Hawaii if you like, but there are beach resorts located nationwide that all need staff members to keep running smoothly.

If you aren’t sure you want to make resort work a full-time career, why don’t you start by working at a resort on a temporary basis? Try it for a season to see if the reality of working at a resort meets your expectations. After spending some time working during the resort’s busy season, you will have a good idea of whether this is something you would like to continue doing permanently.

Many different types of employment opportunities exist at beach resorts, and you are not limited to working in housekeeping or as a food and beverage server. These businesses also need managers, office administrators, customer service personnel, lifeguards, instructors, gardeners, and maintenance staff to keep the resort running smoothly.

Some resorts provide room and board to their employees, while other ones expect you to find and pay for your own accommodation while working at the resort. Be sure to ask about accommodation before you start work; you don’t want to arrive at the resort area without having a place to stay.

Why would someone be interested in working at a beach resort? There are many reasons why working in this type of environment may be appealing. First of all, you will be in beautiful surroundings. When you are not working, you may be able to use the resort facilities yourself. (Be sure to ask whether staff members are allowed to do so; some resorts may have strict rules about this.)

Another advantage to working at a beach resort is that you have the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and different countries. Since guests only stay at the resort for a limited time, you are coming into contact with new people on a regular basis. No two days (or two stays) are going to be alike for you, simply because each new group of guests brings with it fresh faces and a new attitude to the work environment.

This type of work also gives you the chance to develop your customer service skills. Guests come to the resort to relax, recharge their batteries, and to have fun. They want their vacation to run smoothly, and the work that you are doing has an impact on how much they enjoy themselves and whether they will want to come back again.

To be successful working at a beach resort, you will need to be a “people person” who is polite to a fault and who never misses an opportunity to help make a guest’s stay at the resort both comfortable and memorable (in a good way, of course).

If you are working in a part of the resort where you get gratuities (tips) from guests, the level of customer service you provide will affect your income, as well. The better you are at looking after the guests’ needs, the more money you will make tips. Even if you don’t receive tips, providing good customer service at all times will make you a more valued employee at the resort.

Whether you work at a beach resort for a season or several years, you will find it an interesting experience. The skills you develop there can be used for many other types of work, both in the hospitality industry and elsewhere.

Beach resorts hire workers for a variety of positions. If you enjoy dealing with the public, then hospitality jobs could be ideal. The more adventurous minded pursue jobs at Las Vegas casinos, spas, all-inclusive resort properties, and at seasonal wilderness lodges. Use CruiseJobFinder to locate open chef careers, SCUBA instructor positions, and front desk openings worldwide. William F. Edwards provides advice for getting the job you want.

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