Due to the continuous growing demand for physical beauty and an extravagant lifestyle, job vacancies in spas and resorts are increasing dramatically. Although no basic qualifications are necessary to enter in this profession, a formal training program will help you to acquire a better pay and position. There are numerous job opportunities available in this field, ranging from manicurist -pedicurists specialists to masseurs and therapists to cosmetologists.

Job Finding Tips

Posted by | July 4, 2010 | Resort Jobs

Finding a job is hard. It takes persistence, confidence and preparation. That being said, there are things one can do to make the transition from unemployed to office superstar faster and less frustrating. The number one thing that alleviates job-finding anxiety is preparation. It cannot be stressed enough. Proper preparation includes researching the best job sites for one’s industry, having an updated resume always available, and even knowing what to wear.


Finding a new job in Surrey or Hampshire in the current financial climate can be very challenging. However if you know where to look finding that sought after position may be easier than you think.

In today’s market it is almost impossible to keep up to date with the overflow of information we receive. There are so many mediums and when you start a job search you’ll soon discover it can be a tedious task to find matching jobs. Apart from conventional press, newspaper and radio, employers advertise positions on their company websites, there are recruiters / recruitment agencies and job sites where you can start your search. It is unheard off to find an option where all of these jobs are available to browse in one place.

Are you there looking for a job but it appears to so elusive? It is the high time you started applying different tactics to land that dream job. Apart from reading the newspapers for job openings, there are other avenues that you can adopt to get real time notifications. This will give you an edge over other applicants especially where candidates are required to send their applications in a short notice.

Pay attention to this important job alert. Your job search success could depend on it!

One of the concerns I hear frequently from serious job seekers is: What are hiring managers thinking about me? I thought I did well in my interview, but what is my potential next boss thinking about me after I leave?

The nerve-wracking part of your job campaign revolves around wondering what happened as a result of the interview. The nail-biting pressure can get intense if you’re under pressure to find a job.

I’m trying to get in touch with somebody in the industry. My interview was good and I’m looking forward to it. My follow-up attempts were unsuccessful (left a voice message after the second call). I’m just wondering if the person that interviewed me is on vacation! I would really appreciate suggestions about follow-ups too! Thanks in advance 😀
Thanks Jeff! It has been two weeks and it was a phone interview. Unfortunately, I did not ask for the person’s email.

Best reply by Jeff:

Gulf of Mexico this year?

BP needs your support but right now they need your dollars more than ever. BP will soon release a statement asking all Drill Baby Drill supporters to vacation on the beautiful oil soaked beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. They ask that you spend your dollars to feed the area’s tourism industry so BP shareholders will not have to pay damages, those people really need their millions and millions of dollars to keep their lavish lifestyles from becoming too bleak.

In the mid 80’s I was working for a real nice resort call Playa Chiquita Beach and Casino resort.

The location was ideal because it was outside of the beaten paths of Sosua, DR. Their beach was protected by huge coral cliffs on both sides making it extremely private. The condo units were at the time the most luxurious on the whole island.

At that time I was a sales consultant and my job was to tour prospective timeshare clients. Tours would start at 8:30 am and finish at around 3:30 in the afternoon.

Each fall, American ski resorts are inundated with young college graduates eager to make a final splash before heading off to the corporate world by working a variety of winter jobs – all to sustain more days skiing in one season than most skiers experience in a lifetime.

Could this be the right move for you? If yes, then you’re in luck because there are more ski resort jobs than applicants!

Income Tax Free Jobs

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Who wouldn’t love an income tax free job? For many years I have enjoyed the benefits of working offshore and having tax free income.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to pay income taxes on you wages? Well there is a job that does offer those advantages. You see for a few years I did enjoy the benefits of an income tax free job. Working for a timeshare resort where the property is located off shore from my residence offers tax free income. That doesn’t mean that if I live in the United States and I work in Europe that I won’t be paying income taxes. For several years I’ve worked for a resort in Dominican Republic which Income taxes where never withheld on my pay checks. The resort usually took care of the income tax issues since at that time you were imposed $1.00 per $1000 earned!