Standard Remuneration For Jobs in Japan

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Working in Japan can lead to great experiences, new friendships, and a new found appreciation for a culture that one may not have understood completely. There are many employment opportunities to be found and the pay scale for each varies depending on the type of work. If you’re thrifty, it is possible to save anywhere from forty thousand yen per month to above two hundred thousand yen per month depending on the type of work that you are doing.

To experience a fun side of working in Japan, try going to work for a resort in the area. You may only receive minimum wage for your work, which will be around 650 yen per hour, but you will have perks that will make the job very much worth it. You can receive free ski passes so you can spend your off time on the slopes enjoying all Japan has to offer in the form of skiing experiences. You will be living in the country, which tends to be much less expensive than city life, so you will be able to have a great time exploring vast mountains, or tropical beaches while you are there. You will probably also be offered housing that is subsidized, and that has affordable meals included. An employee who doesn’t party too much can save around 40,000 yen per month working in such a position.

Another great employment opportunity, and a fun one also, is to work in a bar or restaurant. The remuneration for such jobs is around one thousand yen per hour. While the atmosphere will likely be relaxed and fun, surviving on this income alone can be challenging when you consider the expenses of food and lodging, and the fact that most of this work is only part-time.

For those looking for employment in a more structured environment, acquiring a position as a private English school teacher is a great opportunity. For contract teachers, the average remuneration will be around two hundred and forty thousand yen per month. This salary is much higher than some other jobs, but it does require a certain amount of knowledge of the English language, you’ll be surrounded by a big-city environment (away from nature), and the attire will be much more professional than that of a bar employee or a resort position. After all of the necessary expenses like lodging, food, and transportation, someone in such a position can expect to save from fifty to one hundred thousand yen per month at best (but only if you don’t get tempted to party too much, which is very hard to resist when living in the city!).

Finding higher-level teaching jobs at local schools and universities can bring in a remuneration of between three hundred to four hundred thousand yen per month. This is a substantial increase in pay but again, the requirements to achieve such a position will be much stricter, and the working environment will be much more professional. The job expectations will be higher, but for the right person this can be a very rewarding path to follow.

Many of the professional jobs (ie. Banking, finance, legal) that can be found in Japan can lead to a salary of four hundred thousand yen and higher, depending on the skill set that is necessary to do the job. After all of the necessary expenses are taken care of, and some funds for your free time are freed up, the savings potential in these types of jobs are still very good.

As you look for a job in Japan that will be perfect for you, decide if your intent is to have fun and enjoy the culture during your entire stay, or to take on a position that is more demanding so that you can experience working in a more controlled environment in Japan, and earn more money. Either way, with a little effort and know-how about where to look, there are sure to be opportunities awaiting you.

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