The Different Ski Resort Jobs

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If you’re not the type of person who spends winter vacation sitting idly or gallivanting under the cool ambiance of snow fun and frolic but rather the sort of individual who would want to make his idle time productive and worthwhile, then this just might be the article you’re looking for.

While the lure of the winter holiday may just be too hard to resist, you may want to consider a second option that may be equally fun but all the more beneficial to you in more ways than one – that includes the financial reward that comes with it. For smart people, applying in part-time winter ski resorts job is the way to go during this snowflakes-laden season. And what exactly are in store for those who want to experience this part-time occupation?

Normally, ski work may be segregated into two divisions: those that are related to working on the snow itself, and works that require providing service in the resort. Both natures of skiing jobs can be then be broadened to a range of categories, which are all important in the successful operation of the skiing resort.

The occupations related to the service division of the ski resort will generally deal with basic skills regarding hotel and restaurant management. The ski resort jobs categorized under the service side would expect that the probable employee has sufficient knowledge in preparation of food and viands for ski resort customers, table and floor area facilitation and bartending. Other ski resort work in this group would be handling of sanitation and cleanliness, ski shop staffing, and other service-related maintenance within the ski resort.

Hotel-related works, which are a sub-category of skiing jobs related to providing service, will include early hotel reservations and bookings, check-in, valet and room service. These positions do not necessarily necessitate a long record of employment experience but rather, more credence is given ongood grooming and pleasing personality, and of course, notable interpersonal skills.

The ski resort work that is directly attributable to outside snow activity, on the other hand, requires a definite level of know-how as compared to the service-related segment. These jobs contrast from ski patrolling, to ski and snow board instructor, snow shoveling, and even ski shop technicians. While it is really not a requirement, it would be a big boost if you apply to ski resort jobs with a certification from qualified accrediting organizations vouching that you meet the standards of the job requirement.

So now it’s your call – snow-related, adrenaline-pumped outdoor ski resort jobs or cool and comfortable indoor service works?

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