Travel Jobs – How to Get Hired to Work at a Youth Hostel

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Wouldn’t it be great to travel all around the world and get free room, board, and a little bit of extra cash for your travels? You can do this by bouncing from youth hostel to youth hostel, agreeing to work for them in exchange for free room and board plus ‘a little bit extra.’

Here’s how it’s done:

Make contact with the youth hostels in the city you’re thinking about traveling to. Call and tell them you’re a newbie traveler (even if you aren’t… it’s all relative!) with little funding to pay to stay at their hostel, but that you’d be happy to work for free at their hostel 3-5 hours per day, 7 days per week, in exchange for a place to sleep.

Make sure you tell them,”At the end of a one week trial, if it doesn’t work out, you can feel free to say ‘no thanks,’ and I’ll be on my way.”

This is a great deal for the hostel, and with the number of hostels in fantastic cities around the world, I can tell you from personal experience that you’re going to find *someplace* that will put you up. Heck, you could even do work for someone you find off of Craigslist in exchange for a place to sleep. Good negotiating skills on your part may even get you free food!

So, how do you make cash while you’re in the hostel? Also very easy and simple. Most hostelers are going out to dinner, drinking, or both. So, at each hostel you’re staying at, go buy some cheap pasta, burgers, beers, or whatever, and sell a plate for 5 bucks a meal and call it ‘Pre-Party Dinner.’ Now you’re building ‘community’ for the hostel.

The hostel is happy because you’re building their reputation, the travelers are happy because they’ve saved money on a meal and met other travelers in a non-threatening environment, and you’re happy because you now have a bit of cash, a free place to stay, and free food for the day (and days to come!)

Another great way to make money is to organize a pub crawl for the hostel. Now, you typically wouldn’t make much cash just by getting everyone to go out with you. So you have to get creative about it.

Visit the local bars in town that have cover charges. Tell the bar owners, “Listen, I’ll bring you a minimum of X travelers per week. You get to keep all the profits from their alcohol purchases, of course. All I ask is that you give me half of the cover charges in exchange for bringing them to you.”
So, assuming a 10-dollar cover charge, if you bring in 10 people, you’ve now made 50 bucks for the night. If you sold them dinner as well, you’re up even more money, you’ve got a free place to stay, and you’ve got a bunch of new friends!

If you REALLY want to knock it out of the park and make a killing, organize an ‘inter-hostel pub crawl.’ Same exact deal you’ve made with the bar, but this time, you do a little bit more legwork and you get every hostel in town meet up at that bar. If you can get two or three bars to strike a deal with you, you can make 150+ dollars per night stopping at every bar along the way.

For even MORE money, try and get a 100% cut of the cover charges then tell the hostelers you’ve arranged a half-off cover price. Now you’ll get more people to come out and you get more cash. Or, just arrange for the bar to give you free drinks!

By utilizing a few savvy techniques while traveling, you can make a decent amount of money without ever holding a job! Granted, there are many more lucrative ways to get paid while traveling, but this is a great way to get started, and is a nice ‘trick’ to have in your back pocket in case you suddenly can’t afford a bus ride to your next destination!

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    I have never travelled to another country,but i am very adventurous and like trying out new things,making money and meeting new people.

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