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The changing career climate can be a result of technology as much as it is driven by popular demand. While changing your career may simply mean that you decide to go in a different direction or lost your first job and were forced to make a change, there are as many times when a changing career climate puts you in a field or job that didn’t even exist a few years ago.

Here are some examples of jobs created by the changing career arena, jobs that didnt even exist a decade ago.

The first position is called a disease map specialist, and commands a beginning salary of about 40,000 with a current cap of approximately 150,000. This new career requires at least a Masters degree and preferably a doctorate in a technical field. You would as well need to have some specialized expertise in one particular disease. A disease mapper would typically work for the government, a private or public college or university, organizations such as the United Nations or some consultant firms.

The hours in this changing career field are highly flexible and youd expect to travel to many exotic countries and areas. The point of disease mapping is the determination of where particular outbreaks occurred, determine the pattern and predict where new outbreaks should be expected. While its not entirely a new thought, it is part of the changing career climate because it uses new technology such as Google Earth. Some who work as disease mappers retrieve NASA satellite-procured data to plot pictures of temperature, rainfall, vegetation and other pertinent data where the particular disease has already struck. The mapper then correlates this with the rate of infection in the area and the reports of local medical care professionals and facilities to map the disease so far and the spread that they then project.

Another example of the changing career climate is the job of robotic programmer. You can start changing to this career with a 40,000 salary and work up to 100,000 a year. All you really have to have in the way of a formal degree is a technically relevant associates degree and a lot of hands-on training in robotics. In this changing career youll be travelling quite a bit to your companys client locations, helping each learn to direct their robot and customizes it to their needs. People skills are important to do well at this job. The five primary firms that are looking for robotic programmers are Motoman, Fanuc, ABB, Toyota and Panasonic.

While taking a robot programmer job would certainly qualify as changing career one who has done well at the occupation is generally someone who has prepared himself – albeit without the robotic expectation – as an arc welder. Rather than a changing career it really was, for him, somewhat of an evolution from his current job – a natural segue. Robots arent nearly as rare as they were 10-20 years ago. Industrial robots began in the auto industry but now are used extensively in the medical field and many manufacturing arena.

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