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In my earlier blog I talk about how I had found a great beach job in the Caribbean. The resort was Villas Jasmin in Costambar, Dominican Republic. My job was to hand out V.I.P. invitations to tourists on the beach.

This type of job is called OPC (Off Property Consultant) and you guessed it, for a timeshare resort.

Before I get in to the OPC work I want to talk to you about the misconception about timeshare.

Timeshare is a resort that sells it’s inventory, meaning rooms to 52 different buyers. This means that you can purchase a room 1 week out of the year and stay at the resort every year for 1 week or as many as you purchase. Most resorts offer purchases for a period of time starting from 25 years to perpetual time. A lot of people have a fixed mindset that timeshare is a rip-off or a scam? My answer to that is “do you think Mickey mouse would rip you off?

Since I have spent over 20 years doing different jobs in different departments of a timeshare resort. Today we will take about the OPC job. Now this job can be done by anybody. Especially if you like the area in which you are at and want a very good paying job even if you are in a third world country. Remember, timeshare resorts pay just about the same as if you were in Dominican Republic or in Paris, France for that matter. You have to remember that most countries will not issue you a work permit if you are about to take a locals’ job. Which means that a lot of bar and restaurant jobs are out of the question. That’s why working at timeshare resorts is the way to go.

You don’t really need experience, unless you are mute then this job applies to everyone. When I started working as an OPC for Villas Jasmin I was paid $100 cash for every invitation that I handed out showed up at the resort. Now remember that was in the middle 80’s, so that was really a lot of money considering that you could have a full meal and a beer for around $1 US dollar! So for me to keep up my lifestyle I knew that if I brought in 3 tourists a week I would be flying. You have to remember at that time I was more interested in talking to the single female tourists. One of my friends Frank that I met from another resort that I eventually joined, was making not less that $1000US/Week. And on the other hand, his girlfriend never brought in less than $2300US/week!!If you think that’s impossible well you have to keep reading on. And for those of you reading this and have done this job, feel free to comment.

Before I let you go, I have a little story about my first clients that ever bought timeshare from me. At that time I was a consultant (other word for salesman) for Village Caribe in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. It was in the season where all the tourists come to the islands on sailboats. You know that’s not the good season. Who wants to buy a room when you have a palace sitting in the marina? As that may be I though it was a great opportunity to increase my sales techniques without blowing any sales.

So this couple comes in on an invitation and to make a story short, I showed them the benefits and the resort. In the meanwhile the husband gets up to go to the washroom and his wife tells me that she is going to divorce her husband if she has to stay in that boat one more night! She also tells me that they can only afford $50,000 and they want 5 weeks. So the deal goes through and they leave. Boy all I could think about that night was my big fat commission and if my paycheck would come in 1 or 2 suitcases. Because at that time we were paid in cash and in Dominican Pesos. I think the rate at that time was 14 Pesos to 1US dollar.

Sometime a year later I was working for another resort on the same island different town and was waiting to buy an ice cream cone. This place is usually very busy and you have to wait in line. So while I was waiting, I saw a couple at the front of the line and thought to myself how familiar that couple was but couldn’t place them. Just when they were starting to walk towards me it came like a flash! These were the first clients that I sold timeshare to. What if the program didn’t work and they lost their $50K? So I did like most would do and turn my head a try to avoid them. Until I felt a tap on my shoulder, Hey Danny the client said. I said to myself damn he remembers my name! Well the women told me “thank you so much”! “What do you mean” I said. She said because of the timeshare I sold them, it saved their marriage! That was when I decided to make a career out of it.

16 years later while in Kona, Hawaii working for Mauna Loa Beach and Golf Resort guess who I see. My first customers again and yes they still remembered me. “Do you know how many weeks we own now”? 16 weeks and we are here to buy another one because my daughter is getting married and we have no time left. On my next blog I will talk to you about my promotion to travel consultant.

That’s it for now.

Daniel D. Roy

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  1. Comment made by James McMillen on Mar 22nd 2012 at 11:00 pm:

    Hey Daniel, Looking for a challenge working as a professional OPC in the Caribbean. 17 years experience and one of the “top 5 OPC’s in the country per Festiva Resorts & Ron Jon Resorts. Call me if your interested @ 941-724-0792. jim mcmillen

    • Comment made by Site Administrator on Mar 25th 2012 at 6:59 pm:

      Hello James, Thank you for visiting Beachfront Jobs. I encourage you to submit your resume since many start up developers as well as established tracks contact us for experienced individuals as yourself.

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