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Always wanted to live in Hawaii, or Bali or anywhere in the world for that matter and thought what type of employment would allow me that kind of lifestyle. I can say with 20 plus years of experience that a timeshare career can offer you that way of life. But… there is always a but, there are some things you should be aware of.

There are many types of employment opportunities in the Timeshare (Vacation) industry. Whether your talented for sales, marketing, gifting, host/hostess, or management, you are sure to find your place. There are several opportunities in the industry that will hire and train applicants that have no experience in the industry.

One of the highest paid job in the industry is in sales. It’s not uncommon to see sales consultants making more that $100K a year plus benefits. Not bad for living somewhere most only dream about. A couple of questions should be asked before accepting any offers from a resort.

The first question to ask is “how many tours do they have every week?” And the second question is “do they have guaranteed financing?” These are very important questions that will make your experience with that company an enjoyable one or it could be the job from hell.

The first question deals with “tour flow”. Let me explain what I mean. A “tour” in the timeshare industry is a term to describe prospective buyers. An “on-site deal” meaning that sales presentations are conducted at the resort, you should be looking at 200-300 clients a week. You must keep in mind that if the sales line or sales team is in excess of 50, 300 clients will only result you getting 6 tours a week. For anyone to succeed in this industry you need at least 3-4 clients a day.

So here we are with a high tour flow and a small sales line, great you can smell the commissions just around the corner. That is all true unless you are missing another important element, financing.
Just imagine this. You have been grinding with your clients and after 2 or 3 hours your client finally says YES. Can you see that commission check in the amount of $1500.00 or more depending on how good you are at cutting a deal during the hiring process. Now imagine the resort has no guaranteed financing in place. Chances are you won’t see that check after all.

It’s very important to have guaranteed financing in place to secure your sales. Don’t forget that timeshare sales is an emotional sale and if you leave financing up to the client well he is most likely to “kick” or rescind on the deal. Once the client leaves the resort the excitement and information start to diminish. Remember the client leaves with a binder and a receipt for $18-$39K, so he’ll find a lot of reasons why he doesn’t need vacations anymore.

Any resort who doesn’t have sufficient tours or any financing in place would not be the place I would start off my new career. After 20 years in the industry, I’m still looking for my commission checks from the resorts that had no financing.

Daniel D. Roy
Live and Work in Paradise

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