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Posted by | July 4, 2010 | Resort Jobs

Are you there looking for a job but it appears to so elusive? It is the high time you started applying different tactics to land that dream job. Apart from reading the newspapers for job openings, there are other avenues that you can adopt to get real time notifications. This will give you an edge over other applicants especially where candidates are required to send their applications in a short notice.

Technological advancement has made life quite simple since one can get information on real time bases. The internet is rich in sites that offer free job alerts. Most of these websites give their uses the option of narrowing their notifications to regions and career choice. Some also have an option where subscribers can including their phone numbers hence whenever there is an alert the notifications can be sent directly to their mobile phones.

Most of this websites do not charge for these services thus it is advisable to search the internet and identify at least three sites you can subscribe to. Further more, since they free of charge, there is nothing to loss apart from these notifications filling up your in-box.

Subscribing to these websites may bring you closer to your dream job and will definitely give you an added advantage over other job seekers. Therefore, rather than relaxing and waiting for your friends or relatives to let you in when there is a job opening, take advantage of new technologies. Success is not for the strongest or the most intelligent individuals but rather it comes to those who react first and seize opportunities that are presented to them.

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