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Each fall, American ski resorts are inundated with young college graduates eager to make a final splash before heading off to the corporate world by working a variety of winter jobs – all to sustain more days skiing in one season than most skiers experience in a lifetime. Could this be the right move for you? If yes, then you’re in luck because there are more ski resort jobs than applicants!

Being your own boss can be a richly rewarding experience, but many people put it off because they fear facing a complex tax system. In reality, the tax process for self-employed individuals can be fairly simple, and offers its own set of rewards.

Self-employment tax deductions are a blessing for those who run their own business, or are planning to set up a new enterprise. These individuals can claim tax benefits that were not available when they were working as employees. Self-employed professionals can use their Social Security numbers as business tax identification numbers, and file taxes under Schedule C or Schedule C-EZ. It is important to understand the two schedules, because each provides a different set of benefits.