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Best Job In Timeshare

Posted by | November 12, 2009 | Resort Careers

Given The Choice Take The Exit Program.

The vacation ownership industry offers many lucrative employment opportunities if you know where to look or know someone already in the business.

There are always positions available for good sales consultants, TO’s (closers), as well as managers. If sales is not your cup of tea, then the marketing department is always on the lookout for phone reps, promotional agents or OPC’s (off property contacts).

Now if you’re like me and sales is no stranger to you then may I recommend Exit sales consultant. Sure your commission is less than a TO’s but then again the Exit program usually sells for about 80% less than the TO’s full program!

Deal Or No Deal?

Posted by | November 12, 2009 | Vacation Ownership

When The End Is Near You Will Be Offered An Exit Program.

During any vacation ownership (Timeshare) sales presentation whereas a closer is unsuccessful at closing a full sale, an Exit or Trial Program is then offered.

Exit or Trial programs in the vacation ownership industry come in different forms. Some programs offer a number of weeks to be used for a fee. That fee is over and above the initial Exit program purchase price.

The purchase price for an Exit program will range from $495 to $5000 and sometimes more. Whereas the use of a week will range between $250 and $800 per week and that’s not high times (X-Mas, March break, etc.).