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Are you a student who wants a part time job that involves travel and fun? Do you want to try a part time travel job where you can earn money in your spare time?

Business ownership can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences – under the right circumstances and at the right time! It’s not necessarily “better” than having a job – it’s just different. For some, self-employment is the ideal career solution. How about you?

The exercises below are designed to help you ask the “tough questions,” and quickly discover whether self-employment would be right for you or not. So, take out paper and pen – or get comfortable in front of your computer – because you’re about to do some important “homework!”

If you’re seriously considering the self-employment option, there are two main questions to ask yourself:

Do you understand the difference between Classic fractions, High End Fractions and Private Residence Clubs?

Don’t fret, most people don’t!

On a recent survey conducted in South Africa, it appeared that although the South African vacation investment community is just beginning to understand the differences between timeshare and classic fractions. There is still a large portion of investors that still needs to be educated on the other various co-ownership and usage vehicles available in the market, particularly around high end fractions and Private Residence Clubs (PRC’s).