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Although many owners today are trying to get out of their timeshare contracts and have a negative perception about such vacationing option, it is no doubt that this industry have a significant on the society. It is important to note that the timeshare industry is multifaceted. Just like the lodging industry, the impacts are direct such as the money for construction, the actual purchase of the product, employment at the actual resort, and taxes; and indirect such as businesses needed to support the resort, employment opportunities created by the need, money spent at the businesses by vacation owners and guests, and the taxes on the money that is collected.

Why Port Royal ? : My journey towards my vacation rental “investment” began in the summer of 2003 when my family decided to vacation in Port Aransas, TX We visited what is probably  the premier resort on the Texas Coast – Port Royal.

What is Port Royal ? : Port Royal is a full service resort with an incredible series of swimming pools that cascade into each other and stretch 500 feet with swim up bars, in ground sunken hot tubs, set on 25 acres of manicured gardens. The rooms (which are really condos with full kitchen, dining rooms, patios etc)  are all very nicely equipped and the service is like a high end hotel.   In the peak of summer a 2 bed unit goes for about $400 per night and the place is usually at full capacity. In the off season the prices drop considerably  and it is much quieter.

When planning your next vacation with family or friends, be sure to catch the latest wave! A decided surge in vacation ownership is the latest wave among Americans from coast to coast. Vacation ownership is the fastest growing segment of the U.S. travel and tourism industry and there are a great many reasons to take advantage of this versatile option when spending your travel dollar.

The new image of time share is being highly polished by superior offerings marketed by such long-standing institutions as Disney, Four Seasons, Hyatt, Marriott and Sheraton, to name only a few. Showcasing high quality properties with upscale amenities, the days of the once-shunned time share industry and its unpredictable properties are quickly fading, ushering in a gleaming new era of the vacation ownership phenomenon.

Do you understand the difference between Classic fractions, High End Fractions and Private Residence Clubs?

Don’t fret, most people don’t!

On a recent survey conducted in South Africa, it appeared that although the South African vacation investment community is just beginning to understand the differences between timeshare and classic fractions. There is still a large portion of investors that still needs to be educated on the other various co-ownership and usage vehicles available in the market, particularly around high end fractions and Private Residence Clubs (PRC’s).

Many new developers spend considerable time and resource deciding which vacation ownership product they are going to sell. Fixed weeks, points, fractionals, private residence clubs, mixed use developments – they all have their advantages.

But to make sure the chosen product works well for the developer and the client you need to have the correct software. Without this investment even the most simply structured products will be impossible to monitor, report and account for.

Until recently the industry norm for software was as follows:

Local Area Network (LAN) – with File Servers and Microsoft type solutions

One of the most popular ways of treating yourself to a great vacation without the headache of some fees is vacation ownership. This is the current trend nowadays, thanks to the influx of cheap holiday rentals that do not scrimp on details or quality. There are many great advantages of these – advantages that are so much better than buying expensive and hard to maintain vacation cottages. Read on ahead to learn more about why it is something you should try.

Do you find yourself with a lot of questions about vacation ownership? Such as, what exactly is vacation ownership, how does it work and why would anyone pay ahead for future vacations? Relax. It is much easier to understand that you might believe.

Vacation ownership provides buyers the opportunity to purchase fully furnished resort-style accommodations which are sold in a range of forms, including weekly intervals and point-based systems. With one initial purchase price, followed by yearly maintenance fees, buyers can purchase their very own vacation for a pre-determined number of years or, with no pre-set duration.

I’m trying to get in touch with somebody in the industry. My interview was good and I’m looking forward to it. My follow-up attempts were unsuccessful (left a voice message after the second call). I’m just wondering if the person that interviewed me is on vacation! I would really appreciate suggestions about follow-ups too! Thanks in advance 😀
Thanks Jeff! It has been two weeks and it was a phone interview. Unfortunately, I did not ask for the person’s email.

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