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Posted by | July 4, 2010 | Vacation Ownership

Not through the re-sale companies, I spent thousands with them! No Not through the so called re-sale companies, after receiving dozens of phone calls I paid three separate companies a total of almost £3,000.00 and received only promises. I was told the timeshare was already sold and then miraculously the sale fell through and that is the last I heard of it, eventually I realised I had paid solely to be placed on a list.

Then a friend recommended I speak to Tracey & Kim. How different, they did not ask me for any fees just to be placed on a register; they just explained they booked consultations for timeshare owners where I could go along and receive plain straight forward good advice. It worked for me!

After being guaranteed a genuine offer, I went along to my consultation at a local office; they were very polite and informative and I was amazed to find out that I could get rid of my timeshare, get up to 100% of my asking price back and have access to quality, low cost holidays from the comfort of my own home, all for less than I was paying in management fees!

Are you are serious about getting rid of your timeshare?
If you are serious about disposing of your timeshare and getting up to 100% of your money back, take my advice call the girls, see if your timeshare is something they are interested in, and even the call is free

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Sunday to Friday 10am to 5pm to book an appointment at a local office near you!

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The author has been giving FREE advice on selling your Timeshare can PAY you 50 pounds! He has been a selling timeshare consultant and can give you some facts about getting rid of your timeshare. To know more about the author, visit this link

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