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When The End Is Near You Will Be Offered An Exit Program.

During any vacation ownership (Timeshare) sales presentation whereas a closer is unsuccessful at closing a full sale, an Exit or Trial Program is then offered.

Exit or Trial programs in the vacation ownership industry come in different forms. Some programs offer a number of weeks to be used for a fee. That fee is over and above the initial Exit program purchase price.

The purchase price for an Exit program will range from $495 to $5000 and sometimes more. Whereas the use of a week will range between $250 and $800 per week and that’s not high times (X-Mas, March break, etc.).

The reasons why such a program is offered by a resort or travel club are quite simple. The 2 main reasons are turning a non purchaser into a committed semi owner and the other reason is it offsets the marketing cost of the tours (prospective buyers).

The Exit program I use at the resort where I am the director of that department is quite the deal. Relax, I’m just trying to explain what makes a good Exit program and which ones to avoid.

When a tour comes to our timeshare sales presentation, they are offered a fixed week at our resort which is in a high demand ski resort area, for a period of 60 years. The purchase price for that week is $24,990 with annual maintenance fees of $495 for a one bedroom condo.

When the tour decides not to buy either because of the money or finds 60 years longer than he needs, I will then show the Exit program. In this case the Exit program is exactly the same program as above. The only difference being time and money.

Our resort’s Exit program offers ownership at the resort for a period of 10 years compared to 60 years and all for the purchase price of $3700 compared to $24,000. What the Exit program does for the purchaser is it allows them the option to upgrade to the full 60 year program within the 10 year time frame by paying the difference.

My advise to you when offered an Exit or Trial program and the deal seems sweet, ask questions!

1) Can I use the program here? (At the host resort)

2) Do I call the host resort to make booking arrangements. If the answer is no, then their Exit program most likely comes from a third party source. Beware of third party programs. They could go out of business and the host resort doesn’t have to take any responsibility in fulfilling the terms of your purchase.

Investigate before purchasing an Vacation Ownership Exit or Trial program! Too many times in my 23 years of working in the vacation ownership industry, I met someone who lost hard earned money in a shady Exit or Trial program. Make sure you don’t become the next one.

Daniel D. Roy

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