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Posted by | July 4, 2010 | Vacation Ownership

When planning your next vacation with family or friends, be sure to catch the latest wave! A decided surge in vacation ownership is the latest wave among Americans from coast to coast. Vacation ownership is the fastest growing segment of the U.S. travel and tourism industry and there are a great many reasons to take advantage of this versatile option when spending your travel dollar.

The new image of time share is being highly polished by superior offerings marketed by such long-standing institutions as Disney, Four Seasons, Hyatt, Marriott and Sheraton, to name only a few. Showcasing high quality properties with upscale amenities, the days of the once-shunned time share industry and its unpredictable properties are quickly fading, ushering in a gleaming new era of the vacation ownership phenomenon.

The increasing demand for vacation ownership is proof positive that this burgeoning industry has claimed new ground and is here to stay, growing at a rate of 16% each year since 1993. Upwards of two million U.S. households own vacation intervals at 2500 resorts. Worldwide these figures jump to five million households owning vacation intervals at 5000 resorts, spread across 110 countries.

John Verone advises,  “Before you dive in to this latest wave, consider that vacation ownership is a substantial investment, in terms of future vacations, as well as financially. Choose your vacation ownership marketing firm wisely. Obtain clear disclosure of all company policies before you sign on the dotted line.” Mr. Verone adds, “With the details ironed out, a friendly staff with extensive knowledge of properties will get excited right along with you as your purchase plans unfold. Your sense of anticipation will increase as your vacation date draws closer because you’ll be secure in the knowledge that you have chosen the property, amenities and location custom-fit for your leisure-time needs and desires”

About Commercial Property Partners: Specializing in all facets of time share rental, purchase and sale. A driving force in the industry showcasing an exceptional internet presence, a friendly support team and proven marketing strategies designed to specifically attract time share customers. Commercial Property Partners has earned an excellent reputation by consistently exceeding consumer’s expectations and makes its U.S. headquarters in Jupiter, Florida.

Anthony Giudice is a president and CEO of 5 international companies.

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