Seasonal Ski Resort Jobs – Summer and Winter Job Opportunities for Skiers and Snowboarders

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Ask anyone why they would want a ski job and the first reason that they offer probably centers on days of plunging through waist-deep powder followed by the raucous night life. But, would it surprise you to learn that many people move to ski resorts for the summer?

Once upon a time, ski resorts operated solely for the winter ski season. While it’s still true that most winter resorts make over 70% of their revenue during the five or six winter months, they’ve also discovered how many visitors return to enjoy the warm summer breezes, fields of wildflowers and endless opportunities for summer recreation. But how do you find a summer job at a ski resort?

Most large American ski resorts offer the same type of job opportunities during the summer as they do in the winter – they’re just geared toward the warmer weather. Skiing, sledding and snowshoeing are replaced by mountain biking, hiking and outdoor cultural events. While they do experience significant down time at the end of the ski and summer seasons, most resorts still depend on quality employees to staff their hotels, restaurants and visitor attractions all year round.

The best time to look into summer employment opportunities is during the winter – usually January or February. Even when it’s twenty below zero, managers are looking toward the upcoming summer season for staffing needs. While it’s rare that resorts will hold job fairs for summer employment, all of the other recruiting resources still exist – the corporate website, bulletin boards and classified ads in local newspapers. If you’re interested in a specific department or position, there’s a good chance that the hiring manager will be working during the winter season, so drop by and introduce yourself before you go back home.

Many of the types of ski resort jobs available during the winter will differ significantly during the summer season. Ski lift, snow shoveling and tubing jobs are replaced by fishing guide jobs, hiking leaders and mountain bike guides – even ski race crews for major mountain biking competitions. Certain positions such ski patrol, lift operations and bartenders offer employees plenty of opportunities to work year round on the mountain.

One of the best places to begin your summer job search is on the company website. Virtually all ski resorts host job search pages designed to attract quality employees – people who enjoy enhancing their visitors’ experience while at the resort. Because summer ski resorts employ only a fraction of their winter staff, it’s also a good idea to peruse the classified ads – both in print and on-line. Nearly every ski shop in town is transformed into mountain bike and mountaineering headquarters during the summer months and need reliable people to staff shifts that span 12 hour days, seven days a week.

If you’re lucky enough to find a job at the ski resort during the summer, housing is rarely a problem. Often times, employees enjoy the same quarters they occupied during the winter at a fraction of the cost – and no roommates! Even the nightlife can be great. During the typical summer season from the Fourth of July to Labor Day, resorts will often import recognized name acts from all over the world to play in clubs, outdoor festivals and concerts.

Perhaps the only down side to ski resort jobs during the summer is the relaxed lifestyle and easier pace. So, if you live for that fast paced, life in the fast lane way of life, summer resort living may not be for you – come back in the winter. It will still be waiting for you.

Jeff Craft is a published freelance writer and ski and snowboard instructor based in Utah. Craft shares his many unique insights about ski jobs located worldwide. Ski Jobs 411 tells readers how to get seasonal winter work with the National Ski Patrol and how to become certified with the Professional Ski Instructors of America or PSIA. Ski Jobs 411 is a free website with dozens of ski area job descriptions and insightful first-person interviews with ski resort personnel.

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