Timeshare – What It Truly Means

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I hope you are not headed for your Webster, if not, then don’t even bother to consult Mr. Google because I’ll do it for you right here and now. So, let’s unleash it, Timeshare to the greatest of laymen amongst us, is defined as a portion of property shared or split among a number of owners, simple. At least we have an idea now, so we can proceed. This kind of property sharing involves among other things the cost of managing and maintaining the property or properties. Though large percentages of timeshare properties are condos, it shouldn’t be surprising if you discover motor home timeshare, hotel time share, cruise timeshare or even campground timeshare.

Options are increasing each passing day. But where did this idea come from? The concept of timeshare property is credited to Europe of 1960s, it’s noted that property rates were soaring at that period, making it difficult for people to pay for full time vacation houses. This scenario led to the ownership sharing concept which proved ideal for most people because it significantly reduced the costs of conservation and other related charges. It also served to enhance the wealth of real estate developers, because it presented them an opportunity to easily market and sell properties to large numbers of people. The vital point to remember about timeshare though, is that timeshare properties are owned by a number of individuals with no close ties, e.g. a standard home ownership.

Timeshare is also defined technically as property whose owner has definite time to share with you and possess in a property. But because many more properties are being turned into timeshare, accommodating timeshare alternatives cannot be tossed out the window. Adaptable or flexible timeshare gives owners the choice of selecting more than a single timeshare destination plus more than one particular time of the year.

Most timeshare properties are located in warm and temperate destinations e.g. Florida where majority of people favor as vacationing locations. They could also be found in cold weather destinations especially in the vicinity of skiing resorts. Timeshare properties are usually fully furnished and majority are either two or three bed roomed with a number of shower rooms, kitchen and entertainment room. Don’t be surprised if you encounter timeshare properties that offer indoor or outdoor swimming pools. These features are increasingly becoming common of many timeshare properties these days.

The classic period of a timeshare possession unit is a week at minimum. Prices vary depending on the different time of the year that you own the timeshare. The best example to illustrate this is the fact that rates of timeshare ownership in April in Florida are lofty than in August. So timeshare ownership rates can be said to be season and demand depended. In some resorts you’ll find color coding tailored differently for different seasons and demand for that particular season. Red could therefore be used by some resorts to indicate high demand, and the corresponding price for that timeshare will be higher for that season.

Timeshare are also inheritable, which means parents can pass it to their kids just similar to any other real estate property. That makes timeshare property ownership a great investment option as well as great vacation. Majority of people rent their timeshare property to others when they’re not using it themselves.
This gives them twofold benefit, first, they earn rent and second appreciation of the unit as time passes.
You should also note that timeshare properties are tradable and could be swapped with other properties in many cases. Timeshares being season and demand driven also means that while owners of red season timeshare properties could find it easy to exchange their timeshare units; it may be difficult for owners of low season timeshare units to do the same with theirs and get high demand timeshare unit in exchange.

Time shares could be bought through financing, but most of the resale properties bought through the individual owners are paid in cash. Timeshare maintenance costs, management costs, swimming pools and the tennis courts maintenance costs are covered by timeshare owners. Fees differ and it’s a good practice to inquire first before purchasing a timeshare.

Timeshare properties come in many types; examples are fixed week, the deeded timeshare, and the fixed unit timeshare, all of which allow you to own them at particular time of the year. There is also a floating time agreement that offers you flexibility in terms of dates that you wish to use your timeshare. Reservations are on first come first serve basis as many timeshare owners would prefer that option. Your rights to use timeshare are limited to leased timeshare. This gives you no more rights after your lease period elapses.

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